Somalia Fisheries Forum 2019: Building a Roadmap for Small-Scale Somali Fisheries

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Photo©FAO/Arete/Will Baxter.

Together with the Federal Government of Somalia’s Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and Puntland’s Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Secure Fisheries hosted the second Somalia Fisheries Forum (SFF 2019) on April 29–30, 2019. The forum built upon the outcomes and partnerships developed in the 2017 Somalia Fisheries Forum to catalyze momentum towards building a roadmap for small-scale fisheries in Somalia.  

Somali stakeholders from fishing businesses, academia, government, and civil society came together for SFF 2019 to explore tangible ways to build a successful and sustainable fishing sector that provides long-term food and economic security.

The forum exhibited the strength of Somalia’s fishing sector and businesses with full support and sponsorship from Somali organizations. It was an example of the importance of public–private dialogue in building new opportunities and addressing the obstacles facing Somali fisheries. It is a testament to the potential of the fishing industry that people traveled from all regions in Somalia, and from outside the country, to attend. The forum included:

More than 300 participants, including international attendance from Kenya, Italy, Germany, Norway, the U.S., the U.K. Denmark, and others

More than 50 speakers including scientists, professors, business owners, CEOs, international development experts, and donors

  • 15 unique sessions plus opening and closing events
  • 29 trade show booths
  • 13 sponsors
  • All sponsorships were from Somali organizations

For more information and recommendations from SFF 2019, see the Outcome Report.

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The forum included over 50 session presenters, each bringing vital expertise and perspectives to advance the conversation. Read their presentations here: SFF 2019 Presentations


Full Agenda and Program

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