Secure Fisheries' Reports

Secure Fisheries is a source of independent and original research about fisheries in East African and the Horn of Africa, fisheries conflict, and the role of fisheries in providing food and economic security. Our research is freely available either through links below or by contacting us directly.

  • catching maritime criminals

    Catching Maritime Criminals: A Whole of Government Approach

    Based on the Caught Red-Handed workshops, co-chaired by Secure Fisheries and the UNODC, with support from US Naval Forces Africa, this brief discusses the importance of interagency coordination in combating illegal fishing in the Indian Ocean.

  • somali coastal development opportunities fisheries

    Project Badweyn: Somali Coastal Development Opportunities

    This report provides targeted, original analysis of Somali fisheries. Development opportunities are analyzed for sustainability and feasibility to provide recommendations for investment in the Somali fisheries sector.
  • women in maritime fishing

    Women in Maritime

    Created for the event, “Women, Peace, and Maritime Security: Equal Opportunities in Maritime Security,” hosted by One Earth Future, the IMO, and UNODC, this report highlights women’s contributions to the maritime space and encourages diverse perspectives in decision-making to promote maritime security.

  • Gender Mainstreaming

    This document describes how Secure Fisheries incorporates gender into our work, explains women’s roles and challenges in the fisheries sector, and discusses the harm of gender-blind fisheries development.


  • highlights from Somalia Fisheries Forum

    Somalia Fisheries Forum 2017 Outcome Report

    This report highlights event details and key findings from the inaugural Somalia Fisheries Forum in 2017. Recommendations are made for strengthening opportunities and addressing challenges for the Somali fishing sector.

  • Report on Somali Fisheries

    Securing Somali Fisheries Report

    Securing Somali Fisheries is a comprehensive assessment of the domestic fisheries in the Somali region, the amount of foreign fishing in Somali waters, and the sustainability and economic conditions of those fisheries.

  • Review of Federal Fisheries Management

    An Exploration of Fisheries Management Agencies in Eastern Africa

    This report compares and contrasts approaches to fisheries governance in Mozambique, Eritrea, Tanzania, Kenya, and Seychelles to assess different methods for achieving sustainable fisheries through policy and law.

  • somali fisheries domestic catch reconstructed

    Fisheries in Somali Waters

    In this report, we update our report Securing Somali Fisheries with new estimates of fish catch by domestic and foreign vessels in Somali waters. Done in partnership with Sea Around Us at the University of British Columbia.

  • inland fisheries sustainable development

    Fisheries and the UN SDGs

    Inland fisheries: invisible but integral to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda for ending poverty by 2030 explores the role of fisheries in food security, poverty alleviation, and achieving Sustainable Development Goals.