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mending nets Somalia
Oct 07, 2019

Learning to Make Fishing Nets in Somali Coastal Communities

Based on requests from Somali fishing community members, Secure Fisheries coordinated an eight-day net making training. ... Read more

Somali mapping workshop community
Sep 28, 2019

Oceanographic Mapping Exercises Inform Fisheries Co-management

Secure Fisheries facilitated interactive oceanographic mapping exercises in Somali fishing communities.

fish data collection Somalia
Sep 03, 2019

Fisheries Catch Data Collection Working Group meeting

Secure Fisheries participated in a Fisheries Data Collection Working Group meeting hosted by the Federal Government of Somalia in... Read more

SFF somalia fisheries MOU
May 30, 2019

SFF 2019: Partnerships to Support Somali fisheries

The Somalia Fisheries Forum (SFF 2019) brought together over 300 participants, including fishers, academics, business owners, and policymakers from the Federal Government of Somalia and the Somali... Read more

North American Association of Fisheries Economists
May 23, 2019

From Ghana To Nova Scotia: What Fisheries Scientists Can Learn From Comparative Case Studies

Dr. Sarah Glaser joined Abdirahim Ibrahim Sheik Heile of the Somalia Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources to present their joint research on trade-offs between foreign industrial and... Read more

Fisheries Crime Prosecution
Apr 24, 2019

Caught Red-Handed Commences with Final Workshop on Prosecuting Fisheries Crime

fisheries conflict at ISA
Mar 27, 2019

Research on fisheries conflict attracts growing attention

Secure Fisheries joined members of the Fisheries Conflict Research Consortium (FCRC) at the 2019... Read more

fellowship between Secure fisheries and Korbel School University Denver
Feb 04, 2019

New Post-Doctoral Fellowship with University of Denver's Josef Korbel School

One Earth Future's Secure Fisheries program is seeking a post-doctoral researcher to contribute to our work on fisheries conflict. The position is shared with the Sié Chéou-Kang Center at the... Read more

IOTC logo
Feb 01, 2019

Project Kalluun presented at Indian Ocean Tuna Commission

At the 14th Session of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission Working Party on Data Collection and Statistics, the Somalia Ministry of Fisheries and... Read more

participants caught red handed workshop Somalia
Nov 30, 2018

Interagency Coordination Workshops Promote Maritime Agency Collaboration In Seychelles And Somalia

In November, Secure Fisheries chaired two workshops in Seychelles and Somalia focused on strengthening the coordination of maritime agencies to fight illegal fishing.