Fisheries Conflict, from Small to Large, Featured at International Studies Association

Secure Fisheries’ Sarah Glaser presented new work, with Dr. Isigi Kadadi and Colleen Devlin, on the links between conflict and fisheries governance in East Africa.

Their research shows the type of fisheries governance in a country—top-down, participatory, or open access—helps mediate what conflicts arise in fisheries. The University of Denver’s Cullen Hendrix presented research done with Josh Lambert and Paige Roberts showing interstate fisheries disputes are more common during El Niño years when fish migration and productivity changes around the world. Ciera Villegas of Oregon State University presented part of her doctoral research on causes of conflict and cooperation over fisheries in Puerto Rico, exploring how fisheries can be a catalyst for both. Dyhia Belhabib of Ecotrust Canada presented her work, with Philippe LeBillon and David Wrathall, on the role of fishing vessels in enabling drug trafficking. And Amanda Møller Rasmussen closed with her doctoral research on the fishing communities of Djibouti and the role sea mobility plays in their daily lives. Tim Choi, of the University of Calgary, discussed the emerging research. To learn more about the FCRC, its members, and their work visit the website