Secure Fisheries Convenes Global Fisheries Conflict Experts

Fisheries Symposium April 2021

Secure Fisheries hosted the Fisheries Conflict Research Consortium (FCRC) 2021 Symposium over Zoom on April 22, 2021. The event brought together fisheries conflict experts from academia, policy development, and NGOs. Participants heard research presentations from Sara Mitchell (University of Iowa), Cullen Hendrix (University of Denver), Dyhia Belhabib (Ecotrust Canada), Nicolas Gomez Andujar (Oregon State University), John Parks (Tetra Tech), Emi Koch (Beneath the Surface International), and Elizabeth Nyman (Texas A&M University at Galveston). The FCRC aims to establish interdisciplinary partnerships, increase understanding of fisheries conflicts, and generate ideas to proactively address the issue. To learn more about the consortium, visit the FCRC website