Cold Catch is Heating Up

Puntland Field Manager Mustafe Mohamoud presented our Cold Catch project at Cold Chain conferences in Rwanda and Thailand. Installation of the project's ice making machine is expected in September, 2022.

Secure Fisheries’ Cold Catch project aims to develop cold chain infrastructure in Somali coastal communities. The current lack of resources is a significant impedement of small-scale fishery growth in the region. Our organization has partnered with the Global Food Cold Chain Council to fund a 3 tone ice make machine in Bandar Beyla. 1,430 fishers will have access to flake ice to use on their fishing vessels, reducing spoilage and improving the quality of the fish catch. Installation of the machine is expected in September 2022.

Puntland Field Manager Mustafe Mohamoud is leading this effort. He attended Pathways to Accelerate Sustainable Cooling and Cold Chain, a conference co-hosted by the UN Environment Programme’s United for Efficiency (UNEP U4E) initiative and the Africa Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Cooling and Cold-Chain (ACES)  in Kigali, Rwanda in May 2022. Mustafe participated in lectures aimed to develop optimized sustainable cold-chain strategies in Africa, demonstrate technologies, and provide business models to accelerate the deployment of fit-for-market solutions in underserved communities. 

He also presented at the 2022 World Cold Chain Symposium in Bangkok, Thailand in July 2022. The theme of this year’s symposium was promoting sustainable food cold chain. Presenters highlighted the significant work needed to reduce food loss in an environmentally friendly manner. Mustafe introduced Secure Fisheries’ Cold Catch Project to the participants of the symposium as a case study for developing fisheries cold chain projects in a sustainable way.