Fisheries Governance & Policy

Well-governed fisheries contribute to peace and stability in fragile and post conflict regions. At Secure Fisheries, we engage and coordinate local, national, and regional governments and governance actors to promote sound policies and sustainable activities.

Strong fisheries governance, including national fisheries management plans and coordinated data collection, is vital for ensuring lasting access to the resource. Sustainable fisheries governance supports reliable forms of income by ensuring a lasting supply of fisheries resources and improved health and well-being in fishing communities, reducing the root causes of conflict.

Our Work

  • Secure Fisheries introduces new research and tools to inform fisheries governance and policy. This includes the program’s flagship report, Securing Somali Fisheries, and Project Badweyn, an interactive tool that maps the Somali region's coastal resources and activities. Secure Fisheries also partners with Somali institutions, such as City University in Mogadishu, to conduct research to inform policy-makers.
  • Optimal fisheries management involves multi-stakeholder collaboration. Secure Fisheries engages with local experts, Somali governments, and international donors to provide expertise and facilitate cooperation to improve fisheries policy.  
  • Surrounded by three countries, Lake Victoria poses unique trans-boundary governance challenges. Sustainable and equitable fisheries governance is vital to food and economic security, as well as conflict prevention in the region. Secure Fisheries and its partners conduct research that explores social and ecological issues that inform fisheries management in Lake Victoria.

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