Fisheries Conflict Research Consortium

What Is Fisheries Conflict?

Fisheries conflict is a dispute, tension, or disagreement over the use of fisheries resources. Common fisheries conflicts include:

  • disputes over boundaries and fishing ground locations
  • illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing
  • tensions between local and migrant or foreign fishers
  • disagreements between interest groups over quotas meant to manage resource harvest.

The causes of fisheries conflicts are diverse, complex, and often indirect. Consequently, a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to understanding – and thus preventing – fisheries conflict is needed. In 2017, Secure Fisheries launched the Fisheries Conflict Research Consortium to bring together academics, policy advisers, and NGOs. We are a group of researchers organized around the topic of fisheries conflict and dedicated to reducing it through policy interventions.

Our Work

The goal of the FCRC is to organize and promote research around fisheries conflict by:
  • Establishing formal channels of communication between researchers
  • Organizing research efforts to leverage partnerships and varied skills while avoiding overlap and competition
  • Increasing understanding of the root causes and consequences of fisheries conflict around the world
  • Raising awareness about fisheries conflict in relevant stakeholder communities
  • Promoting interventions that reduce the likelihood and intensity of fisheries conflict and that are based on sound science and realistic policies

Click here to see a full list of fisheries conflict publications by consortium members.


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Fisheries Conflict Researchers


Our team includes biologists, economists, political scientists, policy advisors, legal experts, fisheries scientists, and more.

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