Somalia and Somaliland

Secure Fisheries is dedicated to fostering sustainable fisheries across the Somali region as a source of long-term food and economic security. We seek to empower Somalis with the information necessary to safeguard this crucial natural resource and economic driver.

The Somali fisheries sector is an important contributor to the development of a durable and sustainable state. Somalia has the longest coastline in continental Africa with an exclusive economic zone of over 830,000 square kilometers. This presents the opportunity for fisheries to provide coastal communities with vital food and economic security. It further provides the potential for the sale of offshore fishing licenses to generate resources for Somalis that can be invested to sustainably develop both the fisheries sector and broader socio-economic goals.

However, the development and sustainable management of both artisanal and offshore fisheries face many obstacles resulting from more than two decades spent without an internationally recognized government. Secure Fisheries is committed to working with Somali authorities, regional actors, and other stakeholders to overcome these challenges. We produce original research and synthesize best practices while engaging governance stakeholders at all levels to inform sustainable fisheries policy and management. We believe improved regulation of Somali fisheries will contribute to greater overall security and help ensure lasting access to this important source of food and income for Somali communities.

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