Project Badweyn: Mapping Somali Coastal Resources

Somali waters (badweyn in Somali) are bustling with marine activities ranging from fishing to shipping. Under the water, vibrant ecosystems support the activities above. Effective governance of these activities, marine spaces, and resources reduces the risks of conflicts, overfishing, and economic insecurity.

Project Badweyn is a tool for understanding connections between coastal activities and resources. Visualizing these connections informs strategies to build economically and ecologically sustainable communities, while avoiding future conflicts that could undermine development projects and management efforts. This tool provides information for Somali communities, managers, decision-makers, and investors to identify places in need of management and development plans that lead to long-term success of coastal projects.

We welcome your feedback and knowledge. Please take the Somali or English survey to provide input that will improve Project Badweyn.

Somali Coastal Resources
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