Secure Fisheries' Reports

Secure Fisheries is a source of independent and original research about fisheries in East African and the Horn of Africa, fisheries conflict, and the role of fisheries in providing food and economic security. Our research is freely available either through links below or by contacting us directly.

  • Report on Somali Fisheries

    Securing Somali Fisheries Report

    Securing Somali Fisheries is a comprehensive assessment of the domestic fisheries in Somalia and Somaliland, the amount of foreign fishing in Somali waters, and the sustainability and economic conditions of those fisheries.

  • Review of Federal Fisheries Management

    An Exploration of Fisheries Management Agencies in Eastern Africa

    This report compares and contrasts approaches to fisheries governance in Mozambique, Eritrea, Tanzania, Kenya, and Seychelles to assess different methods for achieving sustainable fisheries policies.

  • Gender Mainstreaming

    This document describes how Secure Fisheries incorporates gender into our work, explains women’s roles and challenges in the fisheries sector, and discusses the harm of gender-blind fisheries development.

  • somali coastal development opportunities fisheries

    Somali Coastal Development Opportunities

    Somali Coastal Development Opportunities provides targeted and original analysis of fisheries data. Opportunities in the fisheries sectors are analyzed in light of sustainability and feasibility to provide recommendations that will guide investment and development in the Somali fisheries sector.