Somali Region

Secure Fisheries is dedicated to fostering sustainable fisheries across the Somali region as a source of long-term food and economic security. The Somali fishing sector has incredible potential to provide sustainable coastal livelihoods by generating employment, community resilience, and income from domestic industries and export markets. However, as is the case around the world, unmanaged competition for finite and diminishing ocean fisheries resources can undermine profitable fishing while setting the stage for conflict.

Secure Fisheries works with Somali authorities, local communities, and regional actors to overcome these challenges. We produce original research on Somali fisheries while engaging governance stakeholders to inform sustainable fisheries policy and management. We believe improved regulation of Somali fisheries will contribute to greater overall security while ensuring lasting access to this important source of food and income for Somali communities.

Video: Inside Somali Fishing

Our Work

  • The Somalia Fisheries Forum brings together key fisheries stakeholders to network and share strategies for sustainably growing the Somali fishing sector
  • Project Badweyn is providing new information on Somali fisheries to managers and policy makers, donors and investors, and scientists and students to inform fisheries development
  • Project Kalluun is building a foundation for catch data collection that can be used to improve fishing profits and inform sustainable management approaches
  • Report on Somali Fisheries

    Securing Somali Fisheries Report

  • Review of Federal Fisheries Management

    An Exploration of Fisheries Management Agencies in Eastern Africa

  • Women Participation in Fisheries

    Women and Fisheries

  • Reducing Illegal Fishing in Indian Ocean

    Caught Red-Handed

  • Project Badweyn: Mapping Somali Coastal Resources

  • Sustainable Fish Forum

    Somalia Fisheries Forum