Somalia Fisheries Forum 2019 Outcome Report

Somalia Fisheries ForumRELEASE DATE:
24 September 2019

The Federal Government of Somalia’s Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, the Puntland Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, and Secure Fisheries hosted the second Somalia Fisheries Forum (SFF 2019) on April 29 and 30. Over 300 participants from across the Somali region and the world participated in the forum to collaborate on supporting and advancing the Somali fishing sector. This report includes highlights from the event, its reception from attendees and media, and key findings and recommendations from each of the sessions.

SFF 2019 convened stakeholders from throughout the fisheries sector, generating useful discussion on gaps and solutions. Participants were able to attend sessions in one of three categories: increasing knowledge and skills, expanding sector capacity, and increasing management capacity, with a total of 15 unique sessions. These sessions identified sector priorities, as well as needs and opportunities, and generated commitments to action.




Somalia Fisheries Forums attendance

Some key findings include the following. 

Track A: Increasing Knowledge and Skills 

A major constraint to growth across the fishing sector is access to finance and funding. This challenge is especially significant for women.

Track B: Expanding Sector Capacity 

Quality control-related knowledge and skills are needed among fishers, processors, and consumers in order for domestic and international demand for Somali fish to improve.

Track C: Increasing Management Capacity 

Co-management as a mechanism for fisheries management is supported by government representatives, but training on and increased knowledge about the roles and responsibilities of each party are needed for effective and successful co-management.

For a full list of recommendations and more information about SFF 2019, download the full report.