Somalia Fisheries Forum 2017

Sustainable Fish Forum

The 2017 Somalia Fisheries Forum in Garowe, Puntland served as a platform for dialogue and collaboration about sustainable progress in Somalia’s fishing sector. Hosted by One Earth Future’s Secure Fisheries and Shuraako programs, with the Puntland Ministry of Fisheries, the forum brought together key stakeholders to strengthen Somalia’s fishing sector through panels, discussions, and networking.

Key Accomplishments

  • More than 600 fisheries managers, members of fishing communities, technical experts, business owners, investors, and donors came together to grow Somalia’s fisheries
  • Fisheries ministers from each of the Somali Regional Member States and the Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources from the Federal Government of Somalia agreed to strengthen Somali fisheries through cooperation and shared principles
  • Thirty-two companies hosted trade booths to increase their exposure to potential investors
  • Fifteen sessions explored opportunities in the fisheries value chain, financing needs, and management challenges

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See the Somalia Fisheries Forum outcome report and the program booklet (agenda).

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