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Secure Fisheries is a source of independent and original research about fisheries in East Africa and the Horn of Africa, fisheries conflict, and the role of fisheries in providing food and economic security. Our research is freely available.

Research & Reports

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Sarah M. Glaser
Cullen S. Hendrix
Brittany Franck
Karin Wedig
Les Kaufman
January 01, 2019

Armed Conflict and Fisheries in the Lake Victoria Basin

Armed conflict and fisheries in the Lake Victoria basin explores the cycle of violence created through armed conflict, human migration, fishing pressu...
Laura C. Burroughs
Sasha Egorova
Emina Šadić
Kelsey Soeth
May 01, 2018

Women in Maritime

Created for the event, “Women, Peace, and Maritime Security: Equal Opportunities in Maritime Security,” hosted by One Earth Future, the IMO, and UNODC...