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Secure Fisheries is a source of independent and original research about fisheries in East Africa and the Horn of Africa, fisheries conflict, and the role of fisheries in providing food and economic security. Our research is freely available.

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Paige M. Roberts
Laura C. Burroughs
Ahmed-Yasin Osman Moge
October 10, 2019

The Potential for Fisheries Co-Management in the Somali Region

The Somalia Fisheries Forum 2019 in Garowe convened fisheries stakeholders to design a roadmap for successful small-scale fisheries in the region. As part of the forum, participants discussed the potential for cooperative management (co-management) to be implemented in Somali coastal communities. Co...
Federal Government of Somalia Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources
Puntland Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources
Secure Fisheries
September 24, 2019

Somali Fisheries Forum 2019 Outcome Report

This report includes highlights from the second Somalia Fisheries Forum, its reception from attendees and media, and key findings and recommendations from each of the sessions.