Secure Fisheries' Forums

Secure Fisheries brings together key stakeholders who are interested in understanding and improving fisheries management around the world to reduce fisheries conflict, improve fisheries sustainability, and contribute to greater food and economic security. Our engaging, outcome-driven forums build networks around fisheries, connect donors and investors to fishing sector opportunities, and generate ideas and policy recommendations.

  • Fisheries Symposium April 2021

    Fisheries Conflict Symposium 2021

    The 2021 virtual symposium brought together global fisheries conflict esperts to discuss current research and new collaboration opportunities. 

  • roadmap to smallscale fisheries Somalia Fisheries Forum 2019

    Somalia Fisheries Forum 2019: Building a Roadmap for Small-Scale Somali Fisheries

    SFF 2019 explored tangible ways to build a sustainable fishing sector that provides long-term food & economic security for Somalis.

  • Reducing Illegal Fishing in Indian Ocean

    Caught Red-Handed

    Caught Red-Handed, a series of eleven workshops throughout nations in the Western Indian Ocean, connects navies, coast guards, and law enforcement to harmonize information collection and sharing to combat illegal fishing. 

  • fisheries conflict consortium

    Fisheries Conflict Symposium 2018

    The symposium brought together 21 members of the Fisheries Conflict Research Consortium (FCRC). The FCRC is comprised of an eclectic group of experts with diverse thematic and geographic backgrounds and a mutual interest in understanding and combating fisheries conflict.

  • Sustainable Fish Forum

    Somalia Fisheries Forum 2017

    The 2017 Somalia Fisheries Forum brought together members of fishing communities, technical experts, business owners, investors, and donors to strengthen Somalia’s fishing sector through panels, discussions, and networking.

  • Sustainable Fish Forum

    Fisheries Conflict Symposium 2017

    The inaugural Fisheries Conflict Symposium, held in 2017, brought together experts in fisheries conflict to share ideas, advance research, and strategize on policy interventions aimed at reducing fisheries conflict.