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Saddam M. Ahmed - Communications and Visibility Specialist
Hibo Awil - Program Coordinator
August 01, 2023

Empowering Coastal Communities

Secure Fisheries Leads Workshop to Implement Spiny Lobster Management Measures
August 04, 2022

Cold Catch is Heating Up

Puntland Field Manager Mustafe Mohamoud presented our Cold Catch project at Cold Chain conferences in Rwanda and Thailand. Installation of the project's ice making machine is expected in September, 2022.
January 10, 2021

The Future of Fishing: The Greatest Challenges Facing Somali Fishers

When fisheries are managed effectively and fairly, there is less competition over resources, less food waste, more economic opportunity, and therefore, fewer drivers of conflict. Secure Fisheries is working to combat the challenges surrounding the fishing industry, from overfishing and illegal fishi...
February 15, 2019

New Report on Fish Wars

Secure Fisheries, a program of OEF, released a new report of original research on fisheries conflict, examining causes and consequences of conflict in Tanzania.
Sarah M. Glaser
Cullen S. Hendrix
Brittany Franck
Karin Wedig
Les Kaufman
January 01, 2019

Armed Conflict and Fisheries in the Lake Victoria Basin

Armed conflict and fisheries in the Lake Victoria basin explores the cycle of violence created through armed conflict, human migration, fishing pressure, and declining fish stocks.
A.J.Lynch, I.G.Cow, E.Fluet-Chouinard, S.M.Glaser, S.C.Phang, T.D.Beard, S.D.Bower, J.L.Brooks, D.B.Bunnell, J.E.Claussen, S.J.Cooke, Y.-C.Kaoi, K.Lorenzen, B.J.E.Myers, A.J.Reid, J.J.Taylor, S.Youni
November 01, 2017

Fisheries and the UN SDGs

Inland fisheries: invisible but integral to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda for ending poverty by 2030 explores the role of fisheries in food security, poverty alleviation, and achieving Sustainable Development Goals.