Project Badweyn: Somali Coastal Development Opportunities

Interest in the Somali fishing sector is growing. Development agencies, donors, and investors see the potential for fisheries in Somali waters to provide income, food security, and stability in coastal communities. But reliable and up-to-date information about the state of Somali fisheries is difficult to find, complicating business decisions. Where should development be focused? What kind of investment will provide the most benefit and long-term return for coastal communities? What fisheries sector opportunities are the most sustainable, and which might be a threat to the health of Somali fisheries?
Somali Coastal Development Opportunities answers these questions through targeted and original analysis of fisheries data coupled with information on current development projects throughout the Somali region. This report highlights six coastal fishing villages – Bereda, Hordio, Bander Beyla, Maydh, Hawaay, and Merca – to investigate the development needs and opportunities in each. Opportunities in the fisheries sectors are analyzed in light of sustainability and feasibility to provide recommendations that will guide investment and development in the Somali fisheries sector.
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Key Findings