Cold Chain Collaboration in Bander Beyla Headlines the World Cold Chain Symposium

Efficient, unbroken fisheries cold chain in Bander Beyla could reduce waste and make fishing more efficient and sustainable. Puntland, Somalia

The cooperative management association in Bander Beyla, Somalia, Secure Fisheries Puntland Field Manger, Mustafe Mohamoud, and Secure Fisheries Director, Sarah Glaser, were featured during the World Cold Chain Symposium (WCCS) on September 14, 2021. Mohamoud discussed the needs of the community and the current state of the cold chain in Bander Beyla, highlighting the economic and livelihood benefits that an efficient and unbroken cold chain could provide. From an ice machine, to ice boxes on fishing boats, to a cold storage facility, to the market, keeping fish cold from pole to pan is critical to diversifying local markets and building resilience in the local fishing economy. The virtual symposium was sponsored by the Global Food Cold Chain Council, the UN Environment Programme, and Carrier and WCCS brought together hundreds of stakeholders and partners in the industry to discuss the future of financing cold chain infrastructure and the promise of cold chain to reduce food waste and provide climate change solutions by reducing methane emissions.