Secure Fisheries’ Director, Robert Mazurek, presents at Villa Somalia

Secure Fisheries’ Director, Robert Mazurek, together with John Steed from Oceans Beyond Piracy, met with key representatives of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) in Mogadishu on January 27, 2016 to discuss Somali fisheries management.

Building off the release of Secure Fisheries’ report, Securing Somali Fisheries, the Somali Office of the President asked Secure Fisheries to meet with them and provide advice on the best way forward for a Somali Federal Fishing Authority. At the meeting, Robert provided recommendations for the structure and functions of an authority. These recommendations were based off a review of federal fisheries management agencies in Mozambique, Eritrea, Tanzania, Kenya, and Seychelles that was developed by Secure Fisheries’ team members Paige Roberts and Laura Burroughs.

The FGS seeks to develop the Somali Federal Fishing Authority as part of its efforts to increase maritime security and improve governance of its Exclusive Economic Zone. This will pave the way for foreign fishers to operate legally within Somali waters, and will provide an avenue for greater management of Somali fisheries resources. 

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