Project Kalluun Expands to Berbera, Kismayo, and Bosaso

fish data collection Somalia growing
Participants collecting fish data as part of Project Kalluun.

After a successful pilot of Project Kalluun in Mogadishu, data collection continues and has resulted in six students trained and more than a year of monthly catch data. These data will illuminate local catch type and amounts, yielding information that is critical to effective fisheries management. In 2020, Secure Fisheries is expanding Project Kalluun by partnering with other Somali universities. 

In Kismayo, Ms. Gani Abdullahi of the Jubaland Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and Secure Fisheries co-facilitated a training in fish catch data collection for students from Kismayo University. 

Project Kalluun is also underway in Bosaso, where Secure Fisheries is partnering with East Africa University and the Puntland Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources. In the three months since data collection began, students claim that Project Kalluun has taught them more about fish identification and how to collect accurate data, and fishers have been receptive to the data collectors. 

Secure Fisheries is also partnering with the Berbera Maritime and Fisheries Academy and the Somaliland Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development to expand Project Kalluun to Berbera.