Secure Fisheries, Shuraako, and Future of Fish Partner to Unlock Value in Somali Fisheries

Future of Fish Shuraako Secure Fisheries MOU


Secure Fisheries and Shuraako have signed a memorandum of understanding with Future of Fish to share expertise, models, and resources. Future of Fish is a nonprofit organization that works with coastal fishing communities to design a portfolio of solutions that, together, can drive more socially equitable, economically viable, and sustainably managed fisheries. This partnership leverages these three programs’ expertise in fisheries science and community engagement, creative financial models, capacity-building, and systems approaches to solve complex challenges facing small-scale fisheries and coastal communities in the Somali region and around the world. By using a well-tested system to identify intervention opportunities to unlock hidden value in a fishery’s value chain, the three programs will develop projects that improve fishing community livelihoods and protect the environment through more efficient methods of fishing, management, financing, and value addition. The project will begin by closely examining the lobster fishery in Puntland, with future expansion to other locations.