Nairobi Workshop Convenes Somalia Stakeholders to Discuss Fisheries Co-management

In January, Secure Fisheries hosted a two-day workshop that convened representatives from the Federal Government, Puntland, Jubaland, Hirshabelle, and South West State Ministries of Fisheries (Galmadug regretted being unable to attend).

The training portion of the workshop was led by Dr. Robert Pomeroy, a fisheries co-management expert with experience in 70 countries. Dr. Pomeroy explained the process of co-management and fielded questions. The workshop generated lively discussion about the state of fisheries and current gaps in fisheries management in Somalia. This is resulting in the depletion of important fish stocks and harming coastal livelihoods. Participants believe that co-management could be a good tool to improve fisheries management in Somalia, and they are working to incorporate it into federal and state policies and planning.