How Rampant Illegal Fishing Is Destabilizing the Somali Region

illegal fishing somali region
From 1981 to 2014, fishing pressure from foreign fleets in Somalia’s waters increased more than 20-fold. Photo by Eric Lafforgue/Alamy Stock Photo

Secure Fisheries’ Sarah Glaser was interviewed by Munyaradzi Makoni of Hakai Magazine for a feature about two recent Secure Fisheries reports -- Foreign Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing in Somali Waters Perpetuates Conflict and Rough Seas: The Causes and Consequences of Fisheries Conflict in Somali Waters. The article highlights the relationship between illegal fishing and economic and political instability in the Somali region. 

The article also includes comments by Shafi ‘I Hussein Muse, dean of Berbera Maritime and Fisheries Academy (a partner on Secure Fisheries’ fish catch data collection project, Project Kalluun). Muse outlines how foreign fishers are illegally catching Somali fish and that many are moving closer to Somali shores. In order to combat the problem, research to help inform Somali decision-makers and international organizations must also be coupled with action on behalf of the international community to regulate foreign fleets. 

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