Fisheries Co-management Power-Sharing Agreement Established Between Puntland Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and Bander Beyla Fishing Community

On August 13, 2020, representatives from the Puntland Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and the Bander Beyla fishing community convened to establish a system of power-sharing around fisheries management.

This is a foundational step toward establishing fisheries co-management in the region. 

The two-day meeting achieved consensus in several areas that are central to co-management, including: 

  • the type of fisheries co-management that will be established, which guides the relationship between government and resource users in sharing power;  

  • the functional scope of the co-management association, which will cover areas including business management, addressing illegal fishing, and conflict resolution;  

  • the primary stakeholders, including fishers, fish processors, government, and change agents;   

  • the secondary stakeholders, including boat-builders, net-makers, traditional leaders, and scientists;

  • the geographical scope in the Bander Beyla District; 

  • and the establishment of a conflict resolution committee within the co-management association.  

Participants also agreed upon the official purpose of the co-management association: 

“To support sustainable and effective fisheries management and improve livelihoods in the fishing sector through community involvement in decision-making processes.”