Fisheries Catch Data Collection Working Group meeting

fish data collection Somalia

Secure Fisheries participated in a Fisheries Data Collection Working Group meeting hosted by the Federal Government of Somalia in Mogadishu. This meeting built on the outcomes of the Somalia Fisheries Forum 2019 where Secure Fisheries led discussions on co-management and achieved support from all federal member states and the federal government to expand fisheries data collection around the country based on the protocol developed for Project Kalluun. The Federal Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources invited Secure Fisheries to present the success and opportunities for both catch data collection and fisheries co-management. Thirty participants including representatives from the Somali federal member states, FAO, GIZ, USAID - GEEL, and City University in Mogadishu attended the workshop, culminating in commitment to expand catch data collection to six new fishing communities. Secure Fisheries will continue coordinating with the ministry to lead and support these efforts.