Fisher Field Schools Launch in Somaliland

Fisheries Field School Somaliland

The Fisher Field Schools, three interactive learning schools aimed at expanding access to practical and sustainable fishing practices, were established in Somaliland this month. The project will cover three locations in Zeila District, Somaliland: Zeila, Toqoshi, and Lawyocado. These communities will learn skills in sustainable fishing practices and post-harvest processing. The goal is to develop sustainable long-term employment for fishers in Somaliland. The project is funded by USAID, with Secure Fisheries and FAO as project implementers. Secure Fisheries and FAO Somaliland's fisheries and emergency programs have partnered to support the project. The Fisher Field Schools’ training strategy is founded on non-formal education principles, emphasizing “learning by doing,” and introduces technological innovations while building on indigenous knowledge. The methodology helps build self-confidence and self-reliance among community members while supporting the implementation of strategies for management of disaster risk. Ultimately, communities that are able to make informed decisions and adjust to changes in their environment are better able to mitigate and protect their livelihoods against the risk of disaster and the impacts of climate change. The project also includes a gender component, with skills development opportunities focusing on women and youth.