Dr. Sarah Glaser presents at Lake Victoria catch assessment workshop

Sarah Glaser, Research Associate at Secure Fisheries, was invited to speak to members of a fisheries working group in Lake Victoria. The meeting was hosted by the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (LVFO) in Entebbe, Uganda, and Secure Fisheries hosted an evening retreat.

Scientists from LVFO, the National Fisheries Resources Research Institute of Uganda, and the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute joined scientists from the national Departments of Fisheries and several representatives of fisheries ministries for discussions and analysis of the state of fisheries in the lake. The working group found that catch of lower value fish were increasing in the lake, whereas catch of Nile perch, the lake’s most profitable export, is declining. This was reflected in a significant decline in the value of all fish catch in the lake during 2015. The working group also emphasized the importance of improving monitoring, control and surveillance efforts to reduce illegal fishing in the lake.

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