Co-management Workshops Begin in Laasqorey and Bullahar

In May 2022, Secure Fisheries held cooperative management (co-management) workshops in the communities of Laasqorey and Bullahar on the northern coast of the Somali Region.

The workshops were attended by 58 and 20 members of the Bullahar and Laasqorey communities, respectively. The workshops aimed to introduce community members to co-management and its potential role in improving their marine resource sustainability.

Attendees learned that co-management seeks to to build communication pathways between communities and their local, regional, and federal governments. Examples of successful co-management implementation in Kenya and Mozambique were shared to suggest what might be possible in the Somali fishing communities. The co-management strategy was generally well received and seen as feasible. Workshop participants are eager for the opportunity to be better connected to their government and excited to engage in the co-management project.