Bander Beyla Fishers Build Safety at Sea Skills

Fishers learn safety at sea skills for emergency situations. Puntland. Bander Beyla. Somalia.

Safety at sea is critical to protecting fishers’ lives and livelihoods from the dangers of the ocean. Training on proper safety protocols and emergency procedures is important yet difficult to find in remote coastal fishing communities, but these are the places where the knowledge is most necessary as they have limited capacity for rescue and vessel recovery. To fill this need in Bander Beyla, Puntland, Secure Fisheries facilitated a Safety at Sea training for the co-management association. Over three days in September, fishers learned the importance of safety at sea, ways to address emergency situations, and the proper measures to safeguard their lives. Bander Beyla’s training was attended by 25 participants most of whom were fishermen who go to sea on a daily basis. The deputy mayor of Bander Beyla made opening remarks that emphasized the importance of such training, reinforcing that the safety and security of the crew and property should be the top priority. After completing the training, Secure Fisheries provided all the participants with life jackets, solar lights, and diving masks. We hope this equipment will help the fishers to remain safe while fishing.