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Participants celebrate their beach cleanup for World Oceans Day 2021 in Bander Beyla, Puntland, Somalia.
Jun 08, 2021

Somali Communities Celebrate World Oceans Day 2021

Fishing communities in Bander Beyla and Zeila celebrated World Oceans Day on June 8, 2021 with a beach cleanup and discussions. 

World Oceans Day, June 8.
May 25, 2021

Co-management Associations to Celebrate World Oceans Day 2021

The co-management associations in Bander Beyla and Zeila will host events to celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8. 

Fisheries Symposium April 2021
Apr 22, 2021

Secure Fisheries Convenes Global Fisheries Conflict Experts

Secure Fisheries hosted the Fisheries Conflict Research Consortium (FCRC) 2021 Symposium over Zoom on April 22, 2021. The event brought together fisheries conflict experts from academia, policy... Read more

A map of global fisheries conflict case studies. Research. Somali Region.
Apr 13, 2021

New Updates to the Fisheries Conflict Story Map

Secure Fisheries has launched an updated version of the Fisheries Conflict Research Consortium's (FCRC)... Read more

Members of the Fisheries Conflict Research Consortium present their research at the International Studies Association conference
Apr 08, 2021

Fisheries Conflict, from Small to Large, Featured at International Studies Association

Members of the Fisheries Conflict Research Consortium (FCRC) came together for a panel sharing new research on fisheries conflict around the world. Secure Fisheries’ Sarah Glaser presented new... Read more

Boats are beached in Bander Beyla, Puntland, Somalia awaiting fishers. Fisheris Co-Management. Registration. Licenses. Revenue.
Mar 10, 2021

Bander Beyla Co-Management Association Registers Local Fishing Boats

The Bander Beyla Co-management Association recently began registering boats in and around the Bander Beyla district on the east coast of Puntland, Somalia, registering 472 small to medium-sized... Read more

Graduates of the Fisher Field School in Zeila, Somaliland display their new diplomas. FAO. USAID. Fishing. Training. Livelihood support.
Mar 03, 2021

70 Participants Graduate from Fisher Field School

Congratulations are in order for the 70 participants in the Fisher Field School project who graduated on February 25 in Zeila, Somaliland. Graduates demonstrated the knowledge and skills they... Read more

conservation alliance seafood solutions
Feb 25, 2021

Secure Fisheries Joins the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions

Secure Fisheries became a member of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions, a global community of stakeholders from around the world working together to make seafood supply chains more... Read more

fishers and crowd at Lido Beach Mogadishu
Jan 21, 2021

In Their Words: The Greatest Challenges Facing Somali Fishers

Recently, four locals gave us an inside look at the challenges that impact the fishing industry in the Somali region.... Read more

Fishers field school equipment
Jan 12, 2021

Fisher Field Schools: New equipment promotes recovery of Zeila fisheries sector

As part of the Fisher Field School project, Secure Fisheries and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization distributed fishing equipment to three villages in the Zeila district of Somaliland.