Fisheries Conflict Symposium 2018

Fisheries Conflict Meeting Photo

In November 2018, Secure Fisheries hosted the second annual Fisheries Conflict Symposium. The symposium brought together 21 members of the Fisheries Conflict Research Consortium (FCRC). The FCRC is comprised of an eclectic group of experts with diverse thematic and geographic backgrounds and a mutual interest in understanding and combating fisheries conflict.

I.R Consilium’s Dr. Ian Ralby opened the symposium with a keynote speech, discussing the complicated and growing relationship between illegal fishing and other forms of illicit trade and trafficking. The symposium facilitated interdisciplinary partnerships, increased understanding of fisheries conflicts and their drivers around the world, and developed ideas to address fisheries conflicts. Secure Fisheries plans to continue to hold the Fisheries Conflict Symposium on an annual basis and expand the FCRC to ensure it represents diverse perspectives.