Secure Fisheries Blog

  • Transboundary collaboration: Reducing conflicts around fisheries

    Fish is an important food for over 400 million Africans. Yet this essential resource is threatened by overfishing due to the lack of strong policies and regulations. Managing fisheries and preventing overfishing has proven difficult when there is open access to water resources, which inherently promotes competition and, in many cases, leads to a tragedy.
  • Fishy Agreements

    Across one continent, two similar countries—Mauritania and Somalia—have diverged in their fisheries development. The Somali region may be positioned to follow in the footsteps of Mauritania, a country that has received a great deal of revenue through fisheries agreements. But will that help or hurt Somalis? Before they accept the cash, it will be useful to consider what Mauritanians have sacrificed in the process.
  • Overfished - Yellowfin Tuna on the Brink

    From sandwiches to sushi, tuna is a global staple. World tuna catch is worth more than $42 billion annually, making the tuna industry a giant in the fishing world. It supports millions of jobs and provides food security for people in developed and developing countries alike.