Secure Fisheries Resources

Secure Fisheries employs a science-based approach to combat illegal fishing and support sustainable fisheries by working to strengthen maritime policies, engaging in community-supported projects, and fostering regional collaboration and coordination among stakeholders. Acknowledging the limited data available, Secure Fisheries strives to introduce new data sources and produce evidence-based analysis that can strengthen fisheries policy and improve sustainability. Our research products include reports and resources that expand the knowledge base for fisheries and fisheries governance in fragile and post-conflict states. All of our research products are freely available for download and use to support the development of sustainable fisheries for increased food and economic security and improved fisheries governance in our focus areas.

  • Gender Mainstreaming

  • Illegal Fishing Boat Blowing Up

    Fisheries Conflict Research Consortium

  • Review of Federal Fisheries Management

    An Exploration of Fisheries Management Agencies in Eastern Africa

  • Report on Somali Fisheries

    Securing Somali Fisheries Report