Secure Fisheries Attends Indian Ocean Commission's Regional Fisheries Surveillance Plan Meeting

Photo credit: Njaka Rajaonisaona/Prod'Images

In July Secure Fisheries attended the Indian Ocean Commission’s Regional Fisheries Surveillance Plan meeting.  About 150 delegates attended, representing Somalia, Comoros, France/Reunion, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, and Tanzania. Senior Program Manager Robert Mazurek gave a presentation on Secure Fisheries’ current efforts in combatting IUU fishing in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO).  The last day featured a ministerial declaration based on recommendations from the meeting, focused on five themes to combat IUU fishing in the Western Indian Ocean:

  • Legal, policy, and institutional framework
  • Strengthening technical and human capacity at national and regional levels
  • Strategic Intelligence and information exchange
  • Regional and international cooperation
  • Sustainable funding

Secure Fisheries will work with the Indian Ocean Commission to help execute these new mandates.