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May 04, 2018

Sarah Glaser Visits The University Of Miami To Discuss Fisheries Conflict

Secure Fisheries’ Sarah Glaser was honored with an invitation to speak to the students and faculty of the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami. In her talk... Read more
Apr 27, 2018

INTERPOL report provides guidance to law enforcement for tackling fisheries crime

Law enforcement are central to combating fisheries crimes, such as illegal fishing, but they face many challenges in the process. Ultimately, most fisheries crimes are never prosecuted. INTERPOL, an... Read more
Apr 25, 2018

Humany Slavery In The Seafood Industry Violates Human Rights And Contributes To Fisheries Conflict

Human trafficking and forced labor aboard fishing vessels are gaining international attention as investigative journalists and scientists are shining a light on human slavery in the seafood industry... Read more
Enhancing Maritime Security in Africa participants
Apr 09, 2018

Fisheries and the Blue Economy Promote Maritime Security in Africa

Maritime security is integral to a strong blue economy, and weak legal frameworks are a major impediment to deterrence of maritime crime. Those were two key takeaways from Enhancing Maritime Security... Read more
Apr 04, 2018

SALT Workshop Tackles Challenges to Improving Transparency in Seafood Value Chain

London, UK – Secure Fisheries Director, Kaija Hurlburt, participated in a two-day DataLab hosted by the Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability (SALT) to accelerate learning and support... Read more
Mar 13, 2018

Secure Fisheries’ Advisors Provide Vital Input On Program Strategy And Growth

Secure Fisheries hosted its first advisory meeting of 2018 on March 13 at One Earth Future’s headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado. Two of Secure Fisheries advisors, Duncan Copeland and Dirk Zeller,... Read more
Mar 11, 2018

US Navy Joins Secure Fisheries In Project Caught Red-Handed

Secure Fisheries’ Senior Program Manager Robert Mazurek briefed the Maritime Partnership Program for United States Naval Forces Europe and Africa on the Caught Red-Handed (CRH) project... Read more
Feb 27, 2018

New Research Focuses On the Effects of Cage Fish Farming and The Crackdown On Illegal Fishing In Lake Victoria

Jinja, Uganda – The rapid growth of cage fish farming in Lake Victoria could be a problem or a solution to the lake’s declining stocks of wild fish. Secure Fisheries convened scientists at the Lake... Read more
Feb 14, 2018

Western Indian Ocean Maritime Leaders Meet to Focus on Security and Safety at Sea

Secure Fisheries’ Senior Program Manager Robert Mazurek was in the Seychelles February 4-6 to attend the U.S. Navy’s Senior Leadership Symposium.  The leadership event was hosted by the U.S.... Read more
Feb 07, 2018

Secure Fisheries Partners with City University Mogadishu

One Earth Future’s Secure Fisheries program today announced a new partnership with City University (CU) in Mogadishu to support the next generation of Somali fishers and fisheries policy makers. The... Read more