Fisheries Conflict Research Consortium


Fish Wars
The Royal Navy’s HMS Scylla collides with the Icelandic vessel ICGV Odinn during the Cod Wars. Photo: Wikipedia


Secure Fisheries launched the Fisheries Conflict Research Consortium (FCRC) in November 2017 after convening the first Fisheries Conflict Workshop at One Earth Future’s headquarters in Colorado, USA. The goal of the FCRC is to organize and promote research around fisheries conflict by:

  • Establishing formal channels of communication between researchers
  • Organizing research efforts to leverage partnerships and varied skills while avoiding overlap and competition
  • Increasing understanding of the root causes and consequences of fisheries conflict around the world
  • Raising awareness about fisheries conflict in relevant stakeholder communities
  • Promoting interventions that reduce the likelihood and intensity of fisheries conflict and that are based on sound science and realistic policies


1 in 10 interstate disputes are fishy – and the implications stink.  By Cullen Hendrix and Paige Roberts


Johan Bergenäs – Paul G. Allen Charitable Foundation

Laura Burroughs – Secure Fisheries

Kelsey Coolidge – OEF Research

Sarah Glaser – Secure Fisheries

Michael Harte – Oregon State University

Cullen Hendrix – University of Denver

John Hoopes – OEF Research

Kaija Hurlburt – Secure Fisheries

Paige Roberts – Secure Fisheries

Robert Mazurek – Secure Fisheries

Elizabeth Mendenhall – University of Rhode Island

Elizabeth Nyman – Texas A&M University

John Parks - Marine Management Systems

Bob Pomeroy – University of Connecticut

Katy Seto – University of Wollongong

Rashid Sumaila – University of British Columbia

James Watson – Oregon State University

David Wrathall – Oregon State University

Sally Yozell – Stimson Center


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